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Grizzled Out-of-Touch Pathetic

After yesterday’s posting about the American right being in denial, I expected a flood of approbium telling me in no uncertain terms how the Republican Party was turning the corner after their drubbing in November.

Boy how wrong was I? There is an old adage: When you are in a hole, stop digging. Sadly no-one at the GOP is familiar with this, as yesterday the details of their Keep Terrorists Out of America Bill were leaked.

The bottom line? They want to stymie Obama’s plans to close Guantanamo by forcing the details of every prisoner transfer into Congress so every Repulican can huff and puff very publicly about how suspected terrorists may be coming to your neighbourhood.

It seems the GOP really is still so far out-of-touch that it thinks the American people are going to fall for the same old politics of fear that characterised the eight-year disaster that was the Bush presidency.

Come on guys, McCain tried that already and got a right royal pasting at the ballot box for it. Maybe it’s time for some idiotic Republican wonks to Get Outta Politics?

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