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Air-Force One Photoshopped?

May 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Lots of huffing and puffing over on another blog about claims that a picture of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty have been faked, or photoshopped by the White House.

Proof, if ever there were any, that the Obama administration is as bad as its predecessor, according to those who believe it.

The flyover is already controversial because there were no warnings about it, and in a city which collectively ducks every time it sees a low-flying plane after the tragic events of 9-11, it was a spectacular PR blunder by the new White House staff.

So of course, the conspiracy theorists, especially those with an axe to grind over Obama’s presidency, have jumped on the bandwagon; first there was whinging about the pictures not being released even though they were funded by the taxpayer. Then they were released, which shut those whingers up.

Now come claims that the pictures have been doctored, and that some allegedly slipshod use of the Photoshop cloning tool means there are two flag poles on the island beside the Statue of Liberty.

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the news...

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the news...

Except it hasn’t been doctored.

It took me five minutes with Photoshop to show that while there are two similar shaped objects next to each other, one of which is the American flag at the top of it’s pole, the object to the left is not a clone of the flag.

The cloning tool does exactly what it says on the tin, the individual pixels are recreated somewhere else on the canvas, so the pixels of the two objects should be identical. That’s the definition of cloning.

They are not. Having sampled the hue and opacity of all the pixels in both objects, they are very different, which means they cannot have been cloned.

What the claimant has also cleverly done is place a bright pink up-arrow (^) in the space where, if you examine the original, the bottom of the second flag post should be (but isn’t). 

Rather interesting that the original blog post was written by someone called “texasdarlin”, one wonders how close this person lives to Crawford, TX – if this is the best that the anti-Obama camp can come up with after he’s had 100 days in office then they may as well pack up and go home now, and write off the 2012 election right now.

Go back to your lives citizens, nothing to see here…


What a weiner

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

US self-styled shock jock Michael Savage has been placed on a list of prople banned from entering the UK, and of course, for the neo-cons of the US, it is final clinching proof that Britain is no longer a free country.

Reports of the UK’s demise are, as usual, exaggerated, especially by these blinkered fools who are still in denial about losing the 2008 election just because their man had fewer votes than the other guy.

Michael Savage, who for obvious reasons hides from his real name of Michael Wiener, has broadcast controversial views on immigration, Islam, rape and autism, causing great offence in America.

According to a BBC profile, he once described autisic children as “brats” in needs of discipline, and said the Qaran was a “book of hate”; during a show on MSNBC he told a caller: “You should only get Aids and die, you pig”.

Weiner/Savage later apologised for the Aids outburst, but claimed his comments on autism and Islam were taken out of context. Ahhh, where have we heard that before?

Weiner/Savage has threatened to sue the British government for defemation, while one of his supporters evokes Churchill in describing the decision as “beyond shameful”. Oh dear, the US right and their love afair with Churchill, something I have commented on before.

The BBC website reports:

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, told BBC Radio 5 Live that people should be free to enter the country, regardless of their views: “If they step over the line and break the law, it’s at that moment the law should be enacted, not beforehand.

That’s very considerate of you Inayat – unfortunately if we apply the UK’s legal standards to individuals like Weiner/Savage, it’s very likely they have already broken the laws on incitement (even if they were not in this country at the time), which means there is a good chance they might do so again if they were allowed in.

By banning them now, the Government is actually saving taxpayers like me millions in legal costs, not just in terms of what happens if the law is broken, but in extradition hearings and the cost of the policing of the inevitable protests against these people as well.

Everyone talks about the huge power of the media, and as a member of the media, Weiner/Savage must remember the old adage that with great power comes great responsibility; there are ways of making your point, but doing it through incitement and insult goes way beyond the bounds of what I consider to be responsible.

So, anything which stops my taxes being wasted on irresponsible publicity-seeking potty-mouths like this is very welcome indeed.

What’s probably eating Weiner/Savage and his fans more is that his name, and a number of far right and neo-nazis, now sits proudly alongside  a number of extreme Islamic preachers, some of whom are considered to have supported terrorism.

Now there’s equality for you!!!