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Shatner shenanigans

May 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Have to take my hat off to the bloggers over at The Guardian, in this case Chris Michael who has written a wonderful retrospective on William Shatner.

I’m not going to add anything, just go read the piece yourself and do make sure you follow the links to enjoy some vintage Shatner – his evisceration of the young director during a recording session is a perfect example of how to completely take someone apart, and ensure they love you for it afterwards – I wonder who the poor sap on the other side of the glass was, and what happened to his career afterwards.

I also wonder what Jarvis Cocker thinks of the fact that Shatner’s interpretation of Pulp’s Common People will probably be the one everyone remembers, even though the original was brilliant.

Anyway, stop reading here and go over there and I’m sure you’ll agree with their conclusion:

William Shatner may be a living joke, but his dignity, not to say his genius, is that he’s the one telling it.